Barastoc Steam Flaked Barley & Molasses 20kg

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Digestible and palatable energy source for?horses

Barastoc Steam Flaked Barley With Molasses?can be used as an energy source for horses in work. The?recommendations provided are intended as a guide only. The?amount fed will vary according to the horse?s condition and the?quality of pasture and/or roughage available. Barastoc Steam?Flaked Barley With Molasses should be used to supplement?grazing and/or high quality roughage, with a fortified feed or?supplement, to not more than one third of the horse?s daily feed?intake by weight.

  • Steam flaked for improved?digestibility
  • Molasses to improve palatability?and reduce dust
  • Suitable for feeding as a?supplementary feed to horses,?cattle, sheep and goats

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 61 × 39 × 22 cm


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